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About RSAG

What is RSAG?

RSAG (Remote Support Accreditation Group) is an independent organization dedicated to helping consumers find trustworthy and reliable online computer support providers. We thoroughly vet companies through our accreditation process to ensure they meet strict standards for technical expertise, data security, customer service, and fair pricing practices.

Who runs RSAG?

RSAG is comprised of industry veterans and experts in remote support, cybersecurity, customer service, and business operations. Our team brings decades of combined experience to establish and maintain our accreditation standards.

Accreditation Process

How does the accreditation process work?

To become an RSAG Accredited "Trusted Online Support Provider," companies must go through a multi-step process that involves a thorough evaluation of their technical capabilities, data security measures, customer service standards, and pricing structure. Only companies that meet or exceed our requirements in each of these areas are granted accreditation and listed in our directory.

What are the benefits of RSAG accreditation?

Accredited providers can display the RSAG "Trusted Provider" seal, increasing their credibility. They gain a competitive edge by being included in our vetted directory, access to RSAG marketing resources, and can demonstrate their commitment to industry best practices.

For Consumers

How can I find an RSAG accredited provider?

Visit our Directory of Trusted Providers to browse and find RSAG accredited companies in your area or that offer the services you need.

Can I leave a review or complaint about an RSAG accredited provider?

Yes, you can leave a review or file a complaint regarding your experience with an RSAG accredited provider. All feedback goes through a moderation process before being published on the provider's directory listing.